Steve Marinakis

“Discipline equals freedom.”
– Jock Willink


Steve Marinakis is a Senior Personal Trainer and Marrickville’s OG Club Manager. Through his many years in the trenches, he’s developed extensive experience and knowledge that make him the go-to guy when it comes to helping people become the best version of themselves both mentally and physically.

His main areas of expertise and interest are mindset, building lean, strong bodies for optimum body composition, and hormone optimisation for peak performance. Whether you want to change how you think, look or feel – or just want to get in shape in record time for an upcoming event – then Steve will show you the habits, tools and strategies you need to implement.


– Mindset

– Building muscle and losing fat (optimum body composition)

– Getting clients to make and adhere to good habits, lifestyle changes, training methods and protocols that work best for their body type


It’s all about discipline and getting it done even when you don’t feel like it. You can’t rely on motivation as it comes and goes. Get to know yourself and make it your goal to constantly work towards becoming a better version of yourself both mentally and physically.


– Certificate III, Certificate IV in Fitness

– ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach

– Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

– Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence

– Practitioner of Time Based Therapy

– Hormone Optimisation – Jay Campbell

– Certificate III & IV in Fitness

– Charles Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner

– Charles Poliquin PICP 1&2

– FMA Strength Trainer

– Tony Boutagy Hypertrophy, Strength and Fat Loss Specialist (Levels 1, 2)

– Tony Boutagy – Nutritional Strategies – Fat Loss, Intermittent Fasting.

– Precision Nutrition Certification


1. I experienced 10 seconds of fame when I was on My Kitchen Rules scoring meals for the contestants.

2. In my IT days working for Apple, I worked on Tom Cruise’s laptop for the first Mission Impossible and many other big name cool kids who used sexy Apple Macs.

3. I read a lot on anything to do with mental and physical peak performance.



“A big, great, many thanks for the training Steve has provided me with! It played a crucial part in my expedition to the South Pole this New Year to turn out a success.

It’s been approximately a year since I came to him looking for professional training to take me up a level in my physical fitness, strength and endurance and to prepare me specifically for my skiing expedition in the extreme cold and at very high altitude. Steve got me strong especially in my back to cope with pulling a 40kg sled all day long over dry (that is sticky) snow.

He made me fit to cope with the high altitude (the actual 2’835m altitude equates to an effective 3,700m due to the thinner air at the pole). He built up my endurance to cope with 2 weeks of skiing, up to 10 hours a day, covering a total distance of 170km. How grateful am I (and was particularly so at the time), that Steve took my request for training very seriously and pushed me really hard – I needed every bit of it!”


“After years of playing various “impact” sports, I had spent the last 3 years consistently picking up injuries, laying on cold operation tables, and at my age those injuries were beginning to take their toll. I finally made a decision to join Fitness First in the CBD, and this is where I was first introduced to Steve.

After rattling off a list of issues with my body and telling him I wanted to be back playing rugby next year, injury free, as one of my goals, we jumped straight into it. The first thing that Steve had been able to identify was when exercising or lifting weights, my body was compensating in other areas due to the past injuries, which in turn would create more problems down the road. If I had been training on my own, I would have never identified this myself and more than likely created another injury, which would have sent me back to the couch, and probably an additional 10kgs!

In the time I have spent with Steve, I have been able to drop weight in the areas that I have wanted to (and still going), and increase lean muscle in other areas. I found this quite surprising because due to my injuries he has never had me on a cross-trainer, exercise bike or a treadmill. It’s all been accomplished with weights and static exercises. My energy levels are higher. My posture is much better. I’m stronger and more flexible. Every session that I have had with Steve has never been the same, which keeps it very interesting and you become more eager to get to the gym. He’s very knowledgeable in his craft, as he has been able to tell me the do’s and don’ts of each exercise and how they impact on your body if done wrong and right. Steve has a knack for pushing you to your limits but greatly enjoying it at the same time, as he is quite a character and enjoys a laugh. It’s like going to the gym with one of your mates!”


“After only a month I feel healthier and comfortable with my body. Steve’s workouts and enthusiasm have helped transform some body parts already, I am jumping higher and am faster on my feet. I can’t wait to see what the next month’s transformation will be!”

J. Hingston

“I don’t think I would have made it if it weren’t for Steve. I was in a very BIG body and had no energy and a very low self esteem. My family and friends told me I had to do something about it, and then I finally did. I knew the moment I spoke with Steve that he was the right trainer for me. I have lost 35kgs. I thought I was over the fun part of life until I got myself healthy and strong.”

G. Abraham

Steve is a great trainer. He motivates you to train harder and works with you to get results.I have trained with Steve for more than a year and I have been able to drop the stubborn fat, build lean muscle and increase my flexibility . I would recommend Steve to anyone wishing to engage a quality physical trainer to get their health and fitness back in a fun way.


When you train with Steve you know you will get great results and consistently friendly and professional advice. Steve takes pride in his work and I have been impressed by methods he suggested to improve my posture and get my core strength back after my second baby.


Steve’s firm and friendly approach to exercises has helped me lose 5 dress sizes and as a result I feel healthy and more energetic at work. Steve helped me get fit, enjoy working out and maintain healthy, balanced eating habits. Since I work in the hospitality industry with rotating shifts and unpredictable working hours, my convenience is always important. It is always great to see family and friends whom I have not seen for a while and they say “Wow, you look good and healthy” and I say “It’s my personal trainer.

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