Samuel Norton

“Whether you think you can,
or you think you can’t – you’re right.”
– Henry Ford


This ex-military nuclear engineer did a career-flip to launch his coaching business and become FP’s pocket all-rounder – he’s all things to all people. Sam has been involved in sports since he was 6, starting with rugby and then jiu-jitsu. That love of sport translated into a love of fitness and then good health.

His time in the military and discovery of CrossFit helped him lose over 20kg of weight, as well as develop a love for educating and coaching others.

He preaches balance in life, and teaches both physical and mental lessons to his clients. He now coaches everything from martial arts to strength training, power, conditioning, bodyweight training through to yoga and mobility. The variety of personalities he works with and goals he helps clients work towards brings him incredible satisfaction and happiness.


– Strength & Conditioning

– Martial Arts

– Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

– Power Development


My philosophy is that fitness is a life-long journey, through Function, Fitness and towards Flow state – hence the name I’ve chosen for my brand! It is more than just your physique, it is mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a continuous path that one has to keep walking, which is where adherence, enjoyment, accountability and discipline comes in critical, and all of my clients work on all these areas within my philosophy.


– BA Hons in Engineering Physics

– PGDip in Nuclear Reactor Technology

– Level 2 and Level 3 (UK) Cert in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training – 2016

– CrossFit L1 Trainer and Weightlifting L1 – 2016/17

– Hatha/Yin 200hr Yoga Teacher Training – completed in Rishikesh, India, 2019

– Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Cert – completed 2017

– Athletic background with University level
experience playing rugby & American football

– Amateur Boxing/MMA/Jiu-Jitsu competitive background


1. I am a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt, and have a tattoo on my left bicep that is (subtly) tracking my progress towards black belt! I will get there one day.

2. I have a PostGraduate Diploma (baby Master’s degree) in Nuclear Reactor Technology from my time in the Navy. Some mouthful, huh?

3. I have written a book, a military and political fiction story, that is a complete first draft and only a few edits away from being publishable.



“I have been seeing Sam since late February 2020. Sam is very knowledgeable about personal health and has also really taken the time to learn about my fitness, my limitations, and where I would like to improve. His program has met and exceeded all my goals. In addition to the work we have done on strength and fitness, he has been fantastic at educating me about the importance of other factors, such as flexibility. He has also been excellent at building a really strong platform for my future goals by focussing on posture and technique, which has made a huge difference to my training.

The programs that Sam has put in place have also enabled me to reach a point where my fitness and health are no longer something I have to “make time for” – my mindset is now that these are non-negotiable and there is always something I can do to work on my fitness. The change of mindset Sam has helped me create is such that, even though I didn’t really focus on it, I have finally quit smoking (after many, many unsuccessful attempts), I am drinking less, and am eating more healthily. I am very much looking forward to seeing where we go from here.”


“Sam is awesome! I am approaching 50 and feeling that I am in the prime of my life. I teamed up with Sam to get into better shape. Some health issues had seen me wind down my exercise regime in recent years and I was starting to gain weight. From the outset Sam listened to my goals and worked with me to develop a tailored program.

Training with Sam has been excellent in rebuilding my fitness and developing my strength. It’s been a challenge at times. Consistency and incremental progress has kept my training manageable and is yielding great results. I’ve been learning a lot about training properly and maintaining good technique. Sam keeps my program evolving to support what is happening more generally in my personal and professional life. Thanks heaps!”


“I came to Sam to help with recovery from a broken foot. Not only did Sam help tailor my rehab, but he went above and beyond and worked through with me some improvements to my existing workouts (which was very beneficial as an experienced gym-goer).”


“Sam listens to his client’s needs and current stats of well-being and responds appropriately at that time. Goals can be hit and missed most of the time, and Sam continually adapts clients’ programs that continue toward progress, regardless of the length of time taken to get to those goals. Every session with Sam I find that he has my goals present in his mind when he is working with me. Honestly, compared to previous experience with PTs, I would find it hard to pinpoint any one area that could be improved to much more than where it already is.”

Caitlyn M

“Every session with Sam is a learning block. My goal initially was to build strength, but along the way mobility and finding pain-free movement have been a focus. My “squat” when I started with Sam is incomparable to now. I am moving better, have the confidence to lift heavier and make lifestyle changes all with amazing support along the way. I really look forward to every session.”

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