Rob Knee

“It’s always the start.”
– Tom Burbridge


Rob graduated with a degree in Strength & Conditioning in 2018 and is a Level 3 Coach at FP Surry Hills.

Rob spent most of his time playing and competing in a variety of sports whilst he was growing up, including rugby, sailing and BMX. Whilst playing rugby at college, Rob was training 6 times per week with his team. This is where he was introduced to weight training. He was fascinated by the science behind training and performance which led him to study Strength & Conditioning at university.

Rob spent his first year in Australia travelling and working multiple labouring jobs. This forced him to learn how to train more efficiently for him to sustain his progress with limited time and energy. This is something that has helped him to deliver results for busy clients who don’t have the time to spend hours training each day.


– Strength & Conditioning

– Hypertrophy/Body Composition


I believe that you can get amazing results without having to restrict your life, if you are smart with your training and nutrition. However, there is no substitute for hard work, no matter what training program you follow. I value exercise execution and intensity in my training. Every rep should be performed with purpose and intent.


– BSc Hons: Strength & Conditioning

– Cert III & IV in Coaching

– Competitive Background in Rugby Union & Sailing


1. I was in the National Sailing Team when I was in High School.

2. I have deadlifted 250kg.

3. My first time flying was to Australia.



“I had some downright incorrect perceptions about diet and exercise until I started training with Rob. Not only did he correct some bad habits, but he also helped me better understand nutrition and the possibilities for my physique.

I now have a much healthier relationship with the gym, my body and my diet – all by learning to be consistent, patient and kinder to myself. Rob is an inspiring and skilled coach/trainer. He provides excellent guidance/support and always takes the time to talk through my goals or concerns. Even positively encouraging me on the days I just wanted to throw in the towel and eat brownies. But now, thanks to Rob, I am so thrilled to see the changes in my body and my confidence I have been trying to achieve for years.

I highly recommend Rob Knee as a personal trainer, supportive coach but also an all-around great and funny guy to spend time with. I look forward to seeing what else I can achieve by working with him.”


“At 45 years old, I was struggling with constant back and hip pain, core instability and stiffness on a daily basis. After 6 months of training with Rob, I turned 46 this year, pain-free, with significantly improved core-strength and muscle mass.

Rob has consistently focused on improving my technique and incremental gains. The results after 6 months have blown me away and I’m a total convert, looking forward to becoming an ever better version of myself with Rob’s help.”


“Whilst I’ve always been an active gym-goer, I had only stuck to cardio based exercise and didn’t have any experience in strength training. On top of regularly going to the gym I also thought that I was eating ‘correctly’ however was never getting the results that I wanted. In the past I have tended to struggle with food and was usually in a ‘diet mindset’ however little did I know that the lack of food and nutrition was causing a lack in progress.

When I started training with Rob, my goal was to get stronger and fuel my body correctly without obsessing over the scales. Rob has since provided me invaluable nutrition education and has developed a sustainable strength training program for me. I have gained significant lean muscle mass within a short period of time and day-to-day I feel healthier and stronger.
About a month ago Rob adjusted my training and nutrition programme with the goal to lean down for the summer months. I was nervous about falling back into an unhealthy diet mentally however Rob has ensured that I do not feel deprived and has provided me with great tips for maintaining a calorie deficit whilst living a busy lifestyle. Strength training and correct nutrition is now part of my lifestyle and routine and I couldn’t be happier with my results so far and the progress I know I’ll continue to make. Thank you Rob!”


“Rob has consistently helped me inside and outside the gym with communication and encouragement to keep me on track of my target. He has tracked my progress with photos (something I never did) and it’s incredible to see the difference. I am much happier with the way I look and I’m excited to keep in touch with a new friend.”

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