Navin Arden-Wood

“Your own Self-Realisation is the greatest
service you can render the world.”
– Sri Ramana Maharshi


Navin Arden-Wood is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and he also runs Advanced Movement Classes.

He’s all about identifying and addressing weaknesses and imbalances in clients’ movement patterns, as well as building a solid foundation of mobility, strength, stability and fitness. This leads his clients to have stronger, higher-functioning bodies and lead healthier, happier lives.

The way Navin sees it, consistency is key, but it’s creativity and variety that make training something we want to do. Navin draws from a wide variety of disciplines and gives the best of what he’s learnt to help his clients fall in love with fitness.


– Gymnastics Strength Training & Calisthenics

– Corrective Exercises

– Olympic Lifting

– Yoga, Mobility & Movement Flow


In its many glorious forms, movement is one of the main components of human health. Better movers make for healthier, more robust and more useful people. My purpose is to help people realise their potential via movement, nutrition and the mind-body connection. I seek to help clients advance from where they are to beyond where they think they can go – safely and progressively.


– 2001 Cert. IV Massage Therapy, Endeavour College of Natural Therapies

– 2009 Crossfit Level 1 Certificate, Perth
2009 NSWWA Olympic Lifting Level 1, Homebush Bay

– 2009 Crossfit Certified Olympic Lifting, QLD (Burgener)

– 2010 P.O.S.E Running Cert., Crossfit FX, Sydney, (Romanov)

– 2011 Ido Portal Upper Body Control, Crossfit Sydney

– 2011 Movnat 6 Day Retreat, Thailand (Verdier)

– 2013 Ido Portal Movement X, Brisbane QLD

– 2014 TACFIT – Instructor Cert., Clubbell Athletics Cert., Flowfit Cert., QLD (Sonnen)

– 2015 Dr Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshop, Sunshine Coast, QLD

– 2015 Power Living 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Bondi

– 2018 Animal Flow Level 1 (Alisha Smith) & Level 2 (Mike Fitch)

– 2020 Lockdown Margarita Mastery – Jimmy Brings Academy (Joking. Sort of…)


1. I haven’t been to Antarctica. Yet.

2. My favourite conversation topic is the implications of Young’s Double Slit Experiment.

3. I get through 24 books a year but I read most of them twice because I get more the second time through. Consequently other readers think I’m mentally challenged.


“I just wanted to say I’m so grateful to have such a world class trainer in my life, I’ve been training with you for about a year now and I’ve completely changed my body and the way I use my feet,wrists, spine, breath. I feel like I learnt a brand new way to use my body pain free. I never thought this was possible for me. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and your constant willingness to share knowledge. I really really appreciate it.”
“Navin is amazing. I couldn’t move or balance after a ski accident. When I began he was thoroughly helpful and engaging. 10kgs less and walking without a limp and feeling 10 years younger are great results. More than that, everyone was super friendly and positive. Navin has an encyclopedic knowledge and a centered calmness he helps you with in your approach to health.”
“I have been training with Navin for two years now. I feel overwhelmingly lucky to have access to someone like him once a week. It’s hard to put into words, but he has the ability to devise detailed programming, remembering what I last achieved, working around my limitations, enhancing my capabilities and all the while making it different every week. Gymnastics is so intriguing, it’s like learning to walk all over again. Every movement we do has allowed me to out-perform in ways I never thought my body was capable of at 31 years old. He definitely needs his own TED Talk segment.”
“Navin has helped me achieve my goals of getting back into shape and losing my excess weight. I find his programs exciting and he continually changes them as I achieve my new goals.”

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