Loki Milton

“Just keep swimming…”
– Dori


Loki’s passion for coaching started at a young age through various sports, including but not limited to cricket, AFL, hockey, athletics, rock climbing and boxing. As a result his approach to fitness is varied for each individual. He focuses on finding an achievable and enjoyable way to exercise for each person. You can always expect a smile and a laugh from Loki.


– Obstacle Course/Mud Runs

– Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

– Weight Loss


If you don’t enjoy something, you won’t do it well or for long. My philosophy is finding a way to make the training experience enjoyable. Sometimes that takes some trial and error, but with the end result being happier, healthier, stronger and fitter every day, there is nothing worth doing more.


– Cert III & IV in Fitness

– Level 3 Trainer

– Rehab Trainer 1+2

– Mentor for new trainers

– Precision Nutrition Certification

– Australian Strength Coach Program Design

– Undefeated in the boxing ring (1/1)


1. I’ve broken 10 different bones in my body.

2. I was accepted into the VIC under 15’s hockey team, and since then have never touched a hockey stick.

3. I am so ticklish that I refuse to get a massage for fear I’ll giggle the whole way through.



“I have struggled with weight, fitness and motivation over the last twenty years, since having children. In the past I have left a trail of failed gym memberships and abandoned personal trainers in my wake. I inevitably ended up feeling intimidated, uncomfortable or injured every time I tried to engage in a fitness program.

However, meeting Loki was different. From the very first meeting he presented himself as calm, grounded and non-judgemental. His open and friendly manner very quickly put me at ease and his constant encouragement and professional approach was inspiring. When I first started training I couldn’t even manage a sit up but there was no judgement and Loki was able to tailor an exercise program which challenged me without making me want to just give up.

Loki also has a proficient knowledge of anatomy and exercise physiology which he is able to clearly explain and which informs his practice so that I have been able to train under his guidance without injury. Initially Loki was happy to liaise with my Physiotherapist in planning an individual exercise program.
Added to this, Loki is able to listen and empathise with emotional issues which affect motivation. He does this with no judgement, offering positive feedback and messages of encouragement which keep me focused and on track. Loki’s professionalism is apparent in his punctuality and follow up. I have been training with Loki for over two years now and am stronger, fitter and happier thanks to his input.”


“I have been training with Loki for 4 months and loved every minute of it. I came into the training environment with no experience in a gym and Loki has made what can seem quite daunting from afar an absolute pleasure. He clearly demonstrates how something should be done, but also explains in detail why I should be doing a particular technique and what the benefits are, while also demonstrating any possible variations. I am always impressed that Loki has a solution or workaround to any problem

I have an old wrist injury that sometimes can cause an issue, however Loki always has a modification or alternative way of doing an exercise that doesn’t aggravate it. I like that Loki has thought long term about goals for me and has a plan that he wants me to achieve. I would 100% recommend him to other people and he’s a great representative for Fitness Playground.”

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