Laurena Giunipero

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people
limit themselves to what they think
they can do. You can go as far as
your mind lets you. What you believe,
remember, you can achieve.”
– Mary Kay Ash


One of our Personal Trainers in Surry Hills, Laurena is a Calisthenics, Gymnast and Pole Dancer coach, known as “Frenchie”.

Laurena uses her knowledge and experience of gymnastics, pole dance and flexibility (and as Gymnastic World Champion with the French national team in 2014) to create unique, completely tailored workouts for both group and individual sessions.

For Laurena, the fitness and artistic worlds combine. Whether you want to learn how to handstand and get your best split ever, Laurena can make it all happen with her positive energy (and your dedication). She has an ability to get the best performances out of people from all backgrounds.


– Gymnastics

– Calisthenics

– Flexibility

– Movement

– Pole Dance


My philosophy is that fitness should be a journey. Regardless of your goal, you should love what you do. Passion will always guide you to a better future. I believe in the fact that anyone can become what they want. The only limit is yourself, or more specifically your mind. I am here to show you that your body (and also your mind) is capable of bigger things. I will bring you to where you want to be if you are really willing to trust my process.


– Cert III & IV in Fitness

– Certified Aerobics Gymnastics Advanced Coach

– Certified Advanced Flexibility Coach

– Experienced & Certified Coach in Pole Dance

– Gymnast background with the French national team (2009 to 2016)


1. I won the World Championships for Aerobics Gymnastics in 2014.

2. I love drinking pickled water from the jar, don’t judge me! It tastes so good!

3. I love cooking and especially eating cheese with a nice glass of wine. I guess it’s because I’m French.



“I’ve been training with Laurena for a little more than a year now, and I am more than happy with the progress I’ve made with her. I think the best coaches are the ones who deliver the results you want to see and also positively impact your mindset and perception towards health and fitness. Laurena is one of them.

Not only does she cater to my strength and physique goals through her programs, she also influences me to approach fitness with patience and intention. She encourages and motivates me to push my limits and reminds me that “if you believe you can do it, you can do it” whenever I doubt myself. And she has such a fun and bubbly personality, it makes every training session so much more enjoyable!”


“Laurena and I have been training together for almost a year. I was intrigued by her past achievements and the extremities of what her body was capable of, but I wondered if she might be too advanced for me at the time. But within the first session, she demonstrated trust, patience and guidance and worked well with my limitations.

Fast forward to now, and I can do my splits on both sides, a goal I had been working on (inconsistently) for 7 years before I met her. We are now starting to work on back mobility, I feel like my training with her is never-ending. There will always be something I want to achieve and know that she will be able to get me there.”


“Laurena is a great personal trainer and the greatest inspiration for both physical and mental health. I had very little to almost zero workout knowledge before I met her, and was not confident to walk into the gym and train by myself due to my lack of knowledge. She helps me understand about my body, sustainable training and introduced me to calisthenics as well. I can confidently say I’ve become excited to walk into the gym and enjoy weight training. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone for great quality personal training.”

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