Katie Pitts

“Life is shaped from the inside out.”
– Arianna Huffington


You might spot Katie on the gym floor having almost too much fun with her clients – but don’t let that fool you. Her clients’ boundaries are being tested through hard work and interesting conversations.

Those who know KP know her favourite topics are related to mindset and mental resilience. But when it comes to the actual training side of thing, she specialises in female strength and body composition, and is passionate about the freedom that a solid understanding of your body and fundamentals of movement create.

She is a HUGE advocate for self-care and being proactive about mental health. No decision or action in the quest for wellbeing is a selfish one. Chances are you have room to be selfish more often in your life. If you’re brand new to the gym, if you’re keen to get strong, if you want to learn how to imprint lasting habits for greater wellbeing, or understand the mysteries behind sustainable behaviour change – Katie’s your girl!


– Female Strength & Body Composition

– Lifestyle, Mindset & Behaviour Change


What I love about training is that it teaches us so much about ourselves. Other than the obvious physical benefits, training requires mental strength, resilience, and a willingness to make the inevitable mistakes that come with stepping out of your comfort zone and learning something new. Embrace them all! The best part is, there are no right or wrong ways to train or reasons to move. Move to play, move to learn your body, and move to challenge your own beliefs of what you’re capable of!


– Master of Science in Coaching Psychology

– Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science
Diploma in Personal Training

– Empowered Performance Mentorship by Katie St.Clair

– Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certificate

– General Preparation Phase: Level 1 Coaching by The Boutagy Institute

– Fat loss: Level 2 Coaching

– Strength & Hypertrophy: Level 2 Coaching


1. I used to be a bit of a music geek back in the day – I toured Italy playing my violin in the orchestra. I’ve also been to many a band camp.

2. It’s not been officially diagnosed, but I’m sure I have a phobia of bananas.

3. I’m forever a student – at the moment I’m doing a Masters in Coaching Psychology. Please don’t ask me about my student loan.



“Katie has been so supportive over my journey thus far. She listened to what I was wanting to
achieve and have created workouts that are exactly right for me. I now feel confident when I
walk into the gym because I know what to do, how to use the scary machines, and most
importantly I know I’m doing it all correctly.

Having Katie as a PT is more like working out with a really great friend, a really great friend who pushes you to your limits and makes you hurt, but in a good way! I originally only signed up for 8 weeks, but here I am 16 weeks later and not looking to leave anytime soon. Katie has helped me find my motivation again. I came to Katie as someone who couldn’t even squat, you should see me now!”


“I came to Katie as a complete stranger to fitness but she never let me feel out of place. Even when I struggled to commit to the gym she was always there to give me the support I needed, whether as a coach or as a friend. Katie’s energy is infectious and our sessions are always entertaining. I am thankful to have gotten a lot more than I bargained for (like trying to bargain my way out of those walking lunges). Katie is a wonderful teacher and a genuinely caring person with a constant drive for growth, and I would trust no one more with guiding me towards my goals.”


“Since training with Katie, I have ditched the classes and fallen in love with weight training!
I look forward to every PT session with Katie, as her positivity is infectious which makes staying motivated easy. The training plan is curated to my goals, with exercises that I enjoy. This helps me to stay on track, enjoy movement and the strength that follows! Katie has helped me to feel confident in the gym, as she explains and demonstrates each exercise effectively. This allows me to train independently, with confidence as I have the education to perform each exercise safely. And, most importantly, the training is fun as Katie pushes me to reach my goals inside and outside of the gym! Thank you, Katie :)”


Katie is exactly what I have needed!! Katie has taught me so much and motivates me to keep training. She makes my workouts fun whilst still achieving my goals. Before meeting Katie, I felt intimidated by gyms and always just ended up doing cardio on the treadmill (with no progress- surprise surprise), but now I feel that my confidence at the gym is improving and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier. Thanks Katie!


Katie is lovely, knowledgeable and attentive. I’ve found her care and attention to detail to be fantastic. Over the past few years I’ve trained at other gyms with different PTs but none compare to Katie. She continually focuses on setting up a solid foundation and knowledge of exercises whilst building my confidence.

Sally M

I have been training with Katie since November 2018. Since my first session, Katie’s biggest priority has always been on ensuring I am nailing my technique and feeling good about myself and my training. She has an incredibly infectious, positive personality, and balances a
sustainable, realistic approach with holding me accountable. I truly enjoy training with Katie –
more so than I have with any other PT I’ve worked with over the years. She is a true asset to your business.

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