“Do what you’re doing while you’re doing it.
Don’t do what you’re not doing
while you’re not doing it.”


Hanna Riley’s passion for fitness grew after she got a coach herself. She fell in love with the way training transformed her – not only her body, but even moreso her mindset. She found that the routine and structure of training also helped her lift other areas in her life.

Hanna is passionate about helping people realise they are capable of much more than they believe, and loves watching that growth transcend into all areas of her clients’ lives. The real glow-up is not having abs or a great booty, but developing confidence and a love of life. Hanna is here to help you get you there.


– Strength and Conditioning

– Mindset

– Women’s Health

– Pre/post Natal

– Body Recomposition


My philosophy is that fitness should be about something you love. Combining goals and interests to create a journey you can stick to so it just becomes a part of your life. Learning how someone ticks is an asset that has helped me to understand my clients better and create an environment they enjoy and look forward to.


– Cert III & IV in Fitness

– Precision Nutrition Certified

– Strength System Program Design Certification

– Deconstructing Gym Lifts Certification

– Pre and Post Natal Certification

– Competed in 2 WBFF Bodybuilding Competitions

– Level 1 Neuroscience Course

– Successful Retreat Business


1. I am an introvert/extrovert. I used to think I was just an extrovert but as I got older and perhaps wiser haha I realised how much I love my own time, space and company. Catch me in a social setting though and I don’t shut up.

2. I studied Psychology at Sydney Uni, hated uni life, deferred after 2 years and never went back. Although I think my passion for people and NeuroScience stemmed from there.

3. I pick up things really quickly, I’m good at everything I put my energy into and if I am not good in the first few goes I’ll keep trying until I am. Definitely something that annoys my partner, haha, especially when it comes to sports or adventure activities.


“I can’t thank Hanna enough for all the things she’s taught me. She’s such an integral part of the changes I have made to how I treat my body and talk to myself. She’s coached me through major lows and celebrated even the smallest wins with me and I am so proud to be at a point where I can treat my body with meditation and stretches when I am tired instead of forcing myself to the gym as a punishment. Thank you Hanna.”

“Hanna has been my trainer for 4 months and it has been the best move! In the first 6 months I was training with another trainer and was seeing steady progress, but my confidence in the gym and my focus on food wasn’t all the way there.

With Hanna, I feel that there has been a real difference. Every week I’m progressing and getting stronger. She is constantly encouraging me every week, listening to my sorry ass excuses and getting me back on track whenever I feel I’ve fallen off. This is pretty huge for me as Hanna’s approach has helped me re-train my brain into just getting back up and not going back to my old habits. I am a lot more confident in the gym, especially using free weights and the workouts that Hanna provides gives me the ability to challenge myself when I’m working out on my own. I’ve also learnt that if I want to train hard and lose weight, I actually need to eat more (surprise) and this has helped my fitness goal cause I’m no longer starving. Hanna is also super fun to be around, always dancing and makes workouts kinda fun even when you’re dying mid workout.”

“Hanna has helped me regain my confidence in the gym and in myself. I had changed over to FP and was hesitant to be in a new environment with new faces, but with Hanna’s guidance I have found my way and love going. It’s also a gym with a great female presence which I believe is hard to come by. Hanna will always push me when I need it and pull back when it seems right to do so. I love her holistic approach with mindset and confidence. It has helped me in more ways than I can say, so thank you Hanna, I think you’re truly an amazing coach and human.”

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