Hamish McShane

“Most people who do a lot of exercise, 
particularly in the form of competitive athletics, have
unneurotic, extroverted, optimistic personalities to
begin with.
(Marathon runners are exceptions to this).”
– Robert M. Sapolsky


Hamish grew up playing schoolboy rugby union, competing in the 1500m running event, and skateboarding in his spare time. Skateboarding was fun but dangerous! He racked up an extensive list of injuries. The silver lining: through the repeated process of returning to play after each injury, he was forced to learn how to rehabilitate.

Hamish ended up with acute chronic lower back pain, and to help remedy the pain he set out on a journey of education in rehabilitation and more. By implementing his learnings along the way, he’s now able to live pain-free – and help others do so, also!


– General Population Strength training

– Acute Pain Rehabilitation


As a species we have a history rich in story-telling and community, it is how we have evolved to this place in time. I strongly believe the narrative we need to succeed is the story of our future selves and not of our past. The introduction of such a narrative is how we invoke the change we want, be it physical or psychological.


– Cert III & IV in Fitness

– Precision Nutrition Level 1

– FMS SFMA Level 1

– FMS SFMA Level 2

– Postural Restoration Institute’s Integrative Exercise Course

– Compound Performance Mentorship Q2 2020

– Evolve Mentorship Q3 2020

– Continuing Education through IFAST U under Bill Hartman and Mike Robinson

– General Population Strength Training.


1. I hold the 1000 cal title on the assault bike, going 1000 cal in 39:13 minutes.

2. I used to bartend for many years, which means I can whip up some cool drinks – even though I don’t drink 😉

3. I once swam across Lavender Bay in the middle of winter at night!



“Over the last 6 months, Hamish has helped me to learn and build on my strength and conditioning for AFL. He worked early with me to refine technique and ensure I wouldn’t injure myself whilst doing movements. He continues to consistently update my program to suit my needs and tweaks anything in our sessions that might need work. He always listens to what I want to get out of sessions and is happy to help with nutrition and recovery for both my games and weight sessions. Would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a PT.”


“A simple review for this man is: Hamish helped me to lose 17kg in 6 months. But I’ve got a bit more to say… I’ve had other PTs in the past but none of them provided me with a training plan as holistic as Hamish did. As a fitness coach, Hamish understands the importance of other aspects of health outside the gym. On top of the personalised training, he also makes sure my diet, sleep and stress level are being looked after.

In the end I didn’t only lose weight, but also built an overall healthier lifestyle. Hamish is a great listener and always brings a positive vibe when we train together. He is patient and always happy to explain why we are doing the exercises we do, I always feel I’m in safe hands in each session. If you are looking to integrate fitness into your life or having a particular goal to achieve, I would highly recommend Hamish!”


“Hamish is very good at explaining what the exercise is and what parts of the body you are working with it. He works with you as an individual and harnesses your body and mind.”

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