Chris Mavros

“Strength is never a weakness.
Weakness is never a strength.”
– Mark Bell


One of FP Surry Hills’ Senior Coaches, Chris was all about sport as a kid, competing at a range of levels across athletics, swimming, long-distance running and team sports. After his “least fit” few years travelling back in his early 20s, he began exploring the world of gym fitness.

He’s spent the last 10 years splitting his training between bodybuilding, powerlifting, sports performance and gymnastics, which has helped him develop a unique coaching style. He takes the best methods from each type of training to give his clients the potential to reach goals outside the usual. From handstands and muscle-ups, to heavy deadlifts and everything in between, Chris can help you with it all.


– Strength & Powerlifting

– Calisthenics

– Injury Prevention & Mobility


My philosophy for training is that it should not just fit in with, but enhance your life. Extreme methods with a short-term focus rarely lead to sustainable results. Regardless of your specific goal, finding balance across strength, mobility and skill-based training is essential.


– Cert III & IV in Fitness

– PT for 10 years

– Advanced Level Training in Powerlifting and Calisthenics


1. I adopted 3 lockdown kittens (Corona, Salem and Gandalf), fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a crazy cat lady.

2. I have a 500L fish tank.

3. I once blew up a microwave with a lava lamp.



“I come from a background in elite sport, and have been exposed to some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in Australia. Despite this, none of them have been able to elicit the strength and mobility gains I have been able to achieve with Chris.

Chris has an incredible understanding of the unique requirements of individual athletes. He takes a considered and researched-based approach when designing programs, so as to meet the goals expressed by his clients. These sessions are the highlight of my week, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for his knowledge, genuine care, and ability to see beyond my voiced goals, to optimise my performance.”


“I had some other PTs before starting with Chris but was able to make a lot of progress due to his attention to detail in the main lifts. I achieved my heaviest deadlift and squat while working with him and was able to do so without back pain I had previously felt.”


“When I started training with Chris, I hadn’t been in a gym for ages and I was just going to do a few sessions to get familiar with things again. And here we are three years on! Chris has not only made me confident walking into a gym, I feel much stronger and love every workout. He’s a great coach who knows his stuff and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”


“Training with Chris has introduced me to a side of the gym that I never felt confident enough to tackle. In the past I never had a focussed program and would enter the gym without a plan, somehow thinking that results would be achieved by simply turning up.

Chris has armed me with a focussed program that has changed over the weeks and months as we work towards achieving my goals.

Chris makes every session challenging, fun and always focussed on technique. I have learnt so much about the various weights in the gym and no longer feel intimidated by them. I have seen vast improvements in my ability to lift progressively heavier weights, push myself harder throughout each session and work intentionally towards achieving my goals, all thanks to Chris.”

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